How Can I Improve My Digital Business Profile?

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

How Do I Improve My Digital?


Get Your Mobile Experience Sorted

50% of all online searches are done on a mobile device, yet so many design agencies don't truly understand that your website needs to provide a separate user experience on a mobile. Typically, responsive versions of your websites are created because 'Google likes it' (especially with the latest Penguin 4.0 update recently) with little thought to how customers will engage with your content, brand or business on a mobile device.

Take a look at your website on a smartphone; are your call-to-actions or forms hard to access? Is it difficult to digest your message or navigate properly? If the answer is yes then speak with your web designer (or us). Understanding the difference between how your customers use mobile and desktop will help you shape an online experience that will drive increases in engagements and sales opportunities.


Use Your Website & Social Media to Build Relationships

Use your website and social media to start a relationship with your audience (important - your audience is a lot more than your target market). Engage them with useful information, guides, tips, insights and support that focus' on their needs, challenges and desires - not your services or products. Then let your audience see the people and stories behind your business.


Setup Conversion Goals

Conversion goals through Google Analytics are a great way to track the performance of your website and marketing activity. Goals can be new leads from contact forms, email sign-ups or even phone calls from your website. They are vital for any business serious about using digital to grow. Equally reviewing the data regularly is just as important to inform your business.


Build An Email List, Seriously

Up to 99% of the traffic visiting your website will leave without engaging with your business. Getting their email address before they leave provides you a powerful opportunity to start building and nurturing a relationship. Once you have an email list, work out a strategy to create credibility and trust through email marketing before offering a service or product to help them. This will increase your brand awareness, sales opportunities and lead generation.


Use Your Digital Data & Statistics

Your website and social media data and analytics are a gold mine of information that can inform your business and digital presence. Understanding it will allow you to better engage your audience, build better relationships and tell you where there are any problems. Look at how people are using your website and social media profiles and make changes accordingly.

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