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Refining Your Sales & Marketing Processes

Refining Your Sales & Marketing Processes

Lack of attention on sales and marketing pipelines can cost businesses millions of pounds. From missed opportunities in the sales pipeline to a lengthy sales cycle. Simple changes can lead to huge performance increases.

In order to stimulate business growth, a well planned and executed sales process is required that aligns fully with your marketing efforts. One should feed the other and maximise on opportunities throughout the process.

Looking At The Data To Find The Answer

Looking At The Data To Find The Answer

With any client, our first goal is to analyse not only the sales and marketing performance to date but also break down the entire marketing and sales pipeline. This allows us to link drops in performance, targets or bottle-necks with issues in the process.

We'll observe and consult your sales team and look at what tools are being used to support sales management ahead of proposing data-backed changes.

Using Technology To Make More Sales

Using Technology To Make More Sales

From marketing to final sale, the use of the latest technology and tools can have a great benefit to your business.

We're experienced at linking the right technology to marketing and sales processes that reduces your sales cycle time, improves performance and allows for better overall management and analysis.

EXAMPLE: One of our clients had a block in their sales process due to a phone system issue which was costing them over £30,000 per year in lost revenue.

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