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We’re Evolving - Here’s What You Need To Know

A look at our business over the last 12 months

It’s been an incredible journey so far. From a vision 10 years ago where business owners could access a synchronised and inter-linked range of services that focused on business growth to the proven results and returns we are delivering for each of our great clients today across design, marketing, consultancy and business intelligence.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve pulled out all the stops to push our business, our clients, our systems, approaches and team to new heights.

Here’s what's been changing;

State of the Art Client Portal & CRM

Earlier this year we launched our Venture CRM. A fully featured, automated and accessible CRM system to manage our business and clients. Only we went step further….

We wanted a way to bring our clients into the process. So instead of following the usual, internal-only approach to a CRM, we wanted a cloud based, responsive platform that allowed our clients to be directly involved with the work we do.

So we built just that - an online client management platform (our client portal) that shares our project plans, milestones, tasks, designs, comments and notes directly with our clients in a real-time and automated way.

Every client gets access to their own client portal, where they can access;

  • Visual progress bars on project progress
  • Time defined Ghant Charts to monitor delivery
  • Detailed project and action plans
  • Digital file storage area for all documents
  • A bespoke design area - upload designs, approve, decline and feedback

The system has revolutionised how we work with our clients, with outstanding feedback from clients using the system this year.

It's benefits are;

  • Clients get real-time updates on any device (and via email)
  • Creates huge amounts of transparency between us and our clients 
  • Keeps us incredibly accountable to our clients
  • Ability to measure, track and analyse every aspect of our work

We also use the system to manage all our internal planning, strategies, staff plans, digital plans and time / cost tracking.

New Brand & Image

We realised earlier in the year that as our business grows, so must our image. Our previous image lacked clarity, strength and did not position us where we knew we could be in the market. Neither did it effectively communicate with our audience as an overall brand.

We responded to this by first identifying how we wanted to position ourselves in our marketplace. Taking input from competitors across different verticals before undertaking a design concept process that would allow the organic development of the brand you seen today.

We chose to incorporate three key components into our identity mark (logo);

  • The ‘V’ is representative of our clients
  • The arm of overall ‘W’ (right position) reflects how we support our clients
  • The outer circle represents the whole approach we adopt to growing business

We’ve also refreshed our colour palette from a vibrant orange to a solid, sleek blue which we feel adds to a more visually accessible image over all.

Brand New Website

Our mission is to build VALUE, for our clients, their businesses and their customers. So to achieve this we needed wanted a website that focuses on our customers, their businesses and their needs.

To achieve this, we build a platform that not only portrays the high caliber of services and work we provide but most importantly have focused it in a way to delivery information to our audience.

Every section of our new website looks at how a particular area of work can help your business and includes some critical things to consider with each specific area. See how to increase my sales for an example.

This value led approach has already gained great feedback and we look forward to seeing the platform grow over the next few years.

Business Growth Blog

Further adding to the value we offer clients, we have launched our Growth Blog within our shiny new website - which we are very excited about!

Visit it here

Each week we’ll be adding news, content, insights, guides, videos and tips specifically focused towards growing your business. From managing teams to engaging your lost leads.

Make sure you subscribe to our emails so you don’t miss anything that could help your business thrive.

Business Growth Insight Videos (coming soon)

One of our most exciting projects this year. Not only will our new Growth Blog bring you huge amount of great insights into business growth, we’ll also be releasing regular videos that share the similar great content you can expect to find on the blog.

Keep a look out on our Facebook page for our first series of videos soon.

So What's The Vision For The future

We’re not planning on slowing down any time soon. We still see countless business and business owners in real need everyday. Businesses that struggle with a range of challenges they must overcome to thrive.

The next 12 months has been planned and will likely include new offices, new talent and more great businesses growing. The rest we'll keep as a surprise!

Plus lots of great online content!

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