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Over the past 10 years, I've worked with many businesses of all shapes and sizes in a spectrum of sectors. I started out in business at age 16 and since then have built countless websites, generated millions for my clients, worked with multi-million pound public sector contracts and built a multi-million pound international eCommerce business. As a result, I know exactly what it takes to grow a business (not to mention all the mistakes along the way).

Now I combine a passion for helping people, with years of business, design, and marketing experience to help businesses grow through our work and the team here at Venture Works.

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How Do We Grow Your Business?

How Do We Grow Your Business?

We look for opportunities to strengthen your business across four areas simultaneously:

Design, Marketing, Planning & Strategy, Management & Intelligence

Rather than focusing on one aspect or need for a client (say re-designing your website simply because it's out of date) we look far beyond the isolated perception of your growth challenge. This requires focus on the vision and long-term goals of the business, how you are positioned to progress towards those goals and whether you have the correct balance of design, marketing, business management, business intelligence and continuous support to achieve this.

Does Overcoming Your Challenges, Create More Challenges?

Does Overcoming Your Challenges, Create More Challenges?

Typically the kinds of specialist services we offer would be found in isolation. Your Management Consultant would identify the bigger issues and put together a plan. A part of this plan may be to re-design your website so you approach a Web Designer. Then you need to market your new website so speak with a Marketing Consultant.

Can you see the issue here? Everything is operating in isolation and is normally lost in translation between each supplier having their own agenda to generate business from you.

By removing these challenges to addressing your challenges, we can focus and deliver towards the one ultimate goal - your business growth.

Your Business Growth Framework

Your Business Growth Framework

With such a wide range of experience and skills available to us, we are able to assess your business purely on its overall needs before creating a strategy that brings in specific skills in design, marketing, consultancy and business intelligence to address those needs.

This custom approach is unique for every client. However, the blueprint or framework remains the same. To identify opportunity; to apply skills to create a benefit from those opportunities; followed by a robust set of tools to measure and analyse progress - both for the overall client and our work.

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